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Celebrate Success!

celebrate success

Do you celebrate your child’s successes? Not the big ones like birthdays or riding a bike. The little ones like remembering to use walking feet or sharing with her sister.

A major criticism I hear of ABA is the use of “reinforcers” which is interpreted¬†as stickers, candy etc. But the truth is that frequent, specific, positive feedback is a very powerful reinforcer for many children.

It is so important to remember that kids are still learning how to ‘be’ in this world and if we celebrate their little success we are shaping the way they interact with others and with us.

Celebrating your child’s successes means pointing out all the great little things they do throughout the day and letting them know that THAT is the way WE do things here.

It means catching them using those skills we are working so hard to teach them instead of only noticing when they are doing things wrong.

“Wow! You were going to get mad but I saw you walk away¬†instead” “You look like your having fun now!”

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