Core Behavioral Solutions

Handling Problem Behavior

There is not one simple way to handle all types of problem behavior but there are some simple strategies you can remember to help you through so you can be more proactive next time.

1. Keep your cool. You’re the adult remember! It can be really tough, but try to take a deep breath (or 2 or 3). Keep your facial expression neutral and when you get ready to speak do so in a calm controlled tone. (remember you are also in this moment modeling for your child how to handle difficult situations. If its ok for you to explode…why is it not ok for them to explode)

2. Ask your self: “What kind of teaching moment is this?” If your child is having an absolute meltdown…this is not a ‘teaching a new skill moment’ it is a ‘ teaching how to calm down moment’. If your child is not having a meltdown but engaging in an undesirable behavior it is likely a ‘teaching a new skill moment’

3. Teach! So this sounds obvious but now is the time to teach the skill that they are missing to be successful in this moment.

4.Reinforce! This does not mean stickers. It means provide positive feedback to the child about how they are using the skill.



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