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Overwhelmed by data collection?

too much dataDo you ever feel overwhelmed trying to collect data? Its too much! I just don’t have enough time! Here are a couple of tips to help you get the data you need with out freaking out 🙂

First and foremost prioritize.

Take a moment to sit down and ask yourself what is important. You need to have a clear picture of

a) The behavior you want to track

b) How you want to measure it. (Frequency, duration, accuracy, latency)

c) How frequently you need to track it


Here are some ideas:

1) Masking tape and a pen: Frequency data can often be taken by slapping a strip of masking tape on your pants or inner arm and just making a tally mark for each occurrence.

2) Let students take data.

3)Technology: Great apps like 123TokenMe and Catalyst can make data collection easier

4) Many higher functioning students can take data on themselves. They can even chart it on their own! It takes some work up front but teaching students to take data on themselves pays off in so many ways. Often students will improve just because know the behavior/skill is being tracked and because they are getting immediate feedback.

5) Consider the use of first trial data. Discussing trial by trial vsfirst trial data collection is like bringing up politics or religion in a room full of BCBAs. Regardless of your leanings, consider the circumstances and if first trail data might be right for your situation.

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