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CORE provides consultation, assessment, programing and treatment for individuals in Houston, Texas and Orange County, California. We serve all ages and ability levels & specialize in working with young adults with average to above average intelligence who have a diagnosis of autism, Aspergers, ADHD or other emotional/behavioral disorders.

CORE’s highly individualized assessment & programming methods place emphasis on skills that lead to greater skill acquisition and generalization.


The CORE Difference

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Many intervention programs look like this:

 poor aba programing

They provide a heavy focus on academic skills such as labels, colors and prepositions.  Learning to learn skills, adaptive behaviors, and social/communication skills are often peripheral.  


CORE programming looks more like this:

Core circles 3 


At CORE we use a variety of  ABA strategies to target the core deficits of autism; interfering behaviors and social and communication deficits. By reducing interfering behaviors and  teaching social/communication skills and learning to learn skills students become more efficient learners and are able to generalize skills to more natural settings. This includes:

1. Reducing negative and interfering behaviors

2.  Teaching students adaptive behaviors and HOW to LEARN

3. Targeted development of social and communication skills

4.Teaching academic and vocational skills.

At CORE we do not follow a curriculum. Clinicians are expected to be proficient at  assessment, evaluation and programing so they can meet the unique needs of the individual.